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About Us


Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (CHA) is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political humanitarian organization. CHA is registered with Ministry of Economy in Afghanistan. The General Assembly of CHA is the highest authority to set or dissolve the policy lines. The Assembly has the authority to decide on CHA’s progress, or to change or dissolve the organization. Members comprise a directorial board of cooperative organizations, community representatives and members of CHA elected by the Executive Board.

The Executive Board is responsible for executing plans and projects. It performs its functions under the authority of the Managing Director. The Board meets on quarterly basis. Its members comprise Thematic Area Program Managers, Field Office Managers, General Administration and Finance Manager, Planning Unit Manager, Finance Control Manager, and Gender Committee representative. CHA has functional offices in 8 provinces namely Kabul, Herat, Ghor, Farah, Balkh, Kandahar, Parwan, and Faryab provinces around the country. In addition, for the purpose of better implementation of the projects 55 districts are covered by CHA through implementation of various programs and projects. Currently around 1,600 Afghan technical and support staff are employed by the organization and are working in various projects focused mainly in rural areas.

CHA works through the main What We Do of Education, Community Development, Health & Nutrition, Agriculture & Livestock and Disaster Management and Repatriation Affairs. The organization’s approach is to focus at the district/marginalized community levels and provide integrated packages of assistance. CHA has well developed policies and procedures in practice which makes it as a model national organization in Afghanistan. These policies are being revised annually in order to be on track with the latest changes in the context of the country. CHA is accountable to its partners and communities through periodic and annual progress and financial reports and regular evaluation of its activities. An online Enterprise Resource Planning system is utilized within all departments of the organization to facilitate further transparency and accountability. External auditors carry out general annual audit of CHA accounts. CHA is also using an internal audit process for project accounts in accordance with international rules and practices. Amid COVID-19 pandemic, CHA is facilitating the annual and project audits through providing all audit requirements online to the audit team.

Our Vision

To help Afghanistan evolve into a peaceful and developed country where people’s basic needs are met, poverty is eradicated and social justice is promoted.

Our Mission

To empower individuals, communities, and grassroots civil society organizations by improving development indicators pertaining to health, education, agriculture, peace, gender equity and extending disaster risk reduction support to individuals and or families in need.

Our Team

Taj Mohammad Bassiry

Managing Director

Abdul Rahman Faeq

General Admin and Finance Manager

Nadeem Mahmood

General Internal Control and Audit Manager

Gul Ahmad Zargar

General Planning, Fundraising and Monitoring Manager

Dr. Zarjan Zahid

Health and Nutrition Program Manager

Abdul Nazif Naimi

Community Development Program Manager

Mohammad Yousof Hashimi

Disaster Management Repatriation and Affair Program

Safiullah Habibi

Agriculture Program Manager

Abdul Shakur Nahzat

Education Program Manager

Organization Advisor

Abdul Wahid Hamidi

Fundraising advisor