Disaster Management
& Repatriation Affairs

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Disaster Management & Repatriation
Affairs’ Sector Overview;

We focus on affected communities and those at risk to build resilience, mitigate the risks, ensure that food security is increased and finally project beneficiaries are enabled to cope and manage disasters well in target provinces of Afghanistan. We are aligned with Afghanistan National Development Strategies (ANDS). Read more our experience and contribution’s toward strengthened sustainable Afghan society through the following key words.

Providing assistance
to affected population by disasters and forced displacement:

The country’s low level of socio-economic development makes it extremely vulnerable to disasters, resulting in frequent loss of lives, livelihoods, food nutrition security, water, sanitation, health, coping capacities, and public and private property. Therefore, we provide assistance to target populations affected by disasters and forced displacement through distribution of food and non-food item, cash and kits distribution, shelter, and water kits, for the reason to improve food security, decrease internal displacement, child labor, create job opportunities and promotion of hygiene.

Beneficiaries covered during the past five years: (414936 male and 334920 female)

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Capacity building on disaster risk reduction

The recurring natural disaster, conflicts, frequent displacement, poverty and low level of awareness have put Afghan men and women at greater risk during disasters, and have marginalized them from all decision-making processes. Therefore, we build the capacity of target populations through conduction of first aid, search and rescue, early warning, awareness-raising trainings, and formation of disaster management committee at the community level to better manage disasters and decrease the fatalities.

Beneficiaries covered during the past five years: ( 2000 male and 1716 female)

Strengthening communities to mitigate disaster risks

Afghanistan is highly prone to intense and recurring natural hazards such as floods, earthquakes, snow avalanches, landslides, and droughts due to its geographical location and years of environmental degradation. The effects of natural hazards, continue conflicts over the past four decades, influenced on people, accelerated the immigration process to foreign countries, and displaced many people in somewhere else within its borders, therefore we work with target communities, strengthening their capacities on how to manage natural risks through establishing early warning system, awareness raising, construction of mitigation micro-projects for the reasons to reduce the availability of natural disaster at the community level.

Beneficiaries covered during the past five years: (15000 male and 14000 female)