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Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (CHA), established in 1987 by a team of Afghan volunteers, is a non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. CHA was started with the aim of providing emergency aid to Afghan war victims. However, the thematic foci of the organization has shifted over the years to include: promotion of health, nutrition and environmental health; development of education, cultural affairs and vocational trainings; development of agriculture, livestock, water and natural resources; community development and social protection; disaster reduction and responding to emergencies; and gender mainstreaming.

The strategies to reach the Mission:

First strategy: Development of health, nutrition and environmental health,

Second Strategy: Development of education, cultural affairs and vocational trainings,

CHA’s core values help define its priorities and the way in which the organization operates from within. Following the strategic planning exercise, these are set as:

Respect for all will promote social justice and equity regardless of any discrimination and differences. Consequently, members of program target...

  • Poverty and vulnerability reduction, 
  • Fair distribution of resources, 
  • Facilitate reliable social and economic development,
  • Ensure basic rights of the citizens, 


CHA’s mission statement complements and builds on the organisational vision by defining its key purpose and core areas of focus. During the strategic planning exercise, the mission was revised as:

To empower individuals, communities, grassroots civil society organizations and promote gender equity by improving development indicators pertaining to health, education and agriculture and extending disaster risk reduction support to individuals and or families in need.

CHA’s vision clearly and concisely sets out its long-term goal and direction. Following the strategic planning exercise, this has now been revised to:

To help Afghanistan evolve into a peaceful and developed country where people’s basic needs are met, poverty is eradicated and social justice is promoted.
CHA’s vision statement clearly and aptly caters to the country’s most pressing development...