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Afghanistan has been prone to both war and conflict and natural disasters over the years. Official figures reported almost 18,000 civilian deaths after a decade of war as of 2014 but the actual figure is likely to be much higher (Rasmussen, 2015). Moreover, since Afghanistan is located in a high-seismic activity zone, it is highly prone to earthquakes, flooding, droughts, landslides and avalanches, natural disasters that have affected at least 6,000 families and 42,000 individuals in the last 15 years (Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction, 2015).

CHA has been working since 2002 in DRR and has completed over 50 projects covering 12 provinces with the government and other humanitarian organizations. The organization is a member of an international network called Asian Disaster Risk Reduction Network (ADRRN) and a national collation called Afghanistan Natural Disaster Management Association (ANDMA). It also has an agreement with UNHCR to implement returnees’ projects by 2019. All these can highlight the organization’s identity as an active national organization in the area of DRR.

CHA has experience in many fronts of managing disasters and reducing the associated risks. CHA’s main strengths are: expert and experienced personnel in this field (10 people with over 10 years of experience); social mobilization and awareness raising capabilities; DRR training delivery; and design and implementation of disaster mitigation micro-projects. CHA also has national and international strategic partners in providing up-to-date information, trainings, and skills building in DRR field as stated in the above.

Therefore, CHA has identified DRR as a program priority for the upcoming 5 years.