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reducing the virus incidence growing with usage of unhealthy water through assembling healthy water for drink with facilitating chance for women and society collaborate by constructing wells, installing hand pumps and constructing water system and training the technical mechanics for future reforming the pumps in the coverage areas.



3. reducing the viruses’ incidence growing with the disrespect of environment hygiene, by making aware the community from environmental hygiene, propagating and building toilets in the coverage areas.

4.  Facilitating the transportation and connecting the coverage areas for strengthening economic resources and reducing privation of people specially women’s in far distance areas, access to the society’s services by constructing bridges, culvert and reconstructing the roads with the cooperation of people and with the possibility usage of local materials and resources, not making damage to the living environment and prevention of roads blockage for everlasting.

5.  Helping for the protection of villages, cultivate lands, public works (schools, clinics, community development centers), ways and canals and amusement places by decreasing the damages caused by floods with building the protection walls and digging for giving direction to the rivers with the help of people and with the possibility usage of local material and resources in the coverage areas

6. Strengthening of underground water by lose abatement of rain water by digging holes in the movement direction of rain water, in the coverage area.

7.  construction and development water system for cultivate lands by reforming and innovation of irrigate units in the coverage areas.

8.  Preparation and development of homes are for providing a good living condition in the coverage areas.
9.  Increasing the knowledge and proficiency of infrastructure unit staff working in different levels by running workshops and preparing guidelines. 

10.  Assembling electricity energy in the villages for strengthening the people economic by installing the small turbines in the fluent water in the villages.