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For realization of this vision, the gender department alongside with the other sectors and departments has undertaken the following activities:
• Conducting debate program in main office: Objective of the program is explaining of gender issue to the staff and to pass them up from gender blind which has been acted as a training school for each staff (Male and female) on gender issues.

• Preparation of wall magazine is another activity that has been done by this department. The materials of the magazine are changed every 15 days and most of the materials are gender-related which has had positive effects and enable each one of the colleagues to deeply focus on gender issue through reading of the materials.

• Establishing of gender committees in the main office and coverage area is another activity conducted by the department. Members of these committees are composed of employees of different sectors of the CHA (male and female) and each member through implementing of his/her ToR has been able to conduct a number of activities and achieve the goal. The members of the committees have meetings on regular basis. In meetings, the gender issues and existing problems are discussed and practical solution is suggested for improving of work and creating of facilities for the employees. Establishment of these committees in addition to providing facilities and improving of affairs, cause encouraging colleagues and their more activities and opens way for work-sharing in decision-making. Head of the gender department is responsible for addressing all discussing issues of the gender committees at level of all offices.