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Helmand province has suitable environment for fruits and vegetable production. The most popular fruits and vegetables growing in this province are grapes, pomegranates, onion, chili, spinach, carrot, etc. CHA will implement activities to increase production, improve post-harvest processes, and strengthen market linkages between farmers and agribusinesses and between agribusinesses and final consumers along these identified high-value crop value chains.



Capacity of 13,170 High Value Crop growing farmers will be built with regard to Orchard establishment, vegetable production in open field and protected culture, IPM, irrigation proper methods, Plant Nutrition, Harvest/Post-Harvest Management, weed management, etc.

So far, 2500 high value crops growers have been trained with regard to greenhouse establishment and orchard water management in accordance with the curriculum.

24demonstration farms established in target area and farmer beneficiaries are receiving trainings practically Master trainers first receiving ToT training conducted by high crop specialist of the program and they are training beneficiaries of the program. Pomegranate orchards in target area of Helmand province.

Farmers are very happy with the new grape trellising technology that increased their products quantitatively and qualitatively