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CHA implements activities to increase production, improve post-harvest processes including storage, and strengthen market linkages between wheat farmers and agribusinesses and between agribusinesses and final consumers. The program goal with regard to wheat production and its agribusiness is to improve technologies for wheat cultivation in areas where such production can be sustained and is cost-effective for local farmers.


Since in southern of the country, Helmand is a wheat growing province, following by high value crops such as grapes, pomegranates and different kinds of vegetables; during the life of the program, totally 19250 wheat growers will be selected as program beneficiaries during the life of the program.

So far, totally 4500 beneficiaries in 4 target districts of Helmand province, have been mobilized, and trained with regard to IPM, irrigation proper methods, Plant Nutrition, Harvest/Post-Harvest Management, weed management, etc. totally 24 demonstration farms established in target area and wheat growing farmers receiving trainings in practical manner.  The trainings running by master trainers of the program who are expert of wheat agro-techniques.