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CHA’s core values help define its priorities and the way in which the organization operates from within. Following the strategic planning exercise, these are set as:

Respect for all will promote social justice and equity regardless of any discrimination and differences. Consequently, members of program target...

groups have access to projects regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religious or cultural background and beliefs, political affiliations, immigration status, disability, health status, age, ability to pay fees and geographical location.

Years of war in Afghanistan have resulted in a lot of civilian casualties and left even more injured and vulnerable, either physically or mentally. Therefore, promotion of respect will help in improving their physical and mental health, while allowing them to attain independence in all facets of life. Continued conflicts and war have also created strife amongst the different communities living within the country. CHA’s respectful approach towards these communities, integrated into its programs, is likely to facilitate the healing process and also induce a positive sense amongst them

2. Special Attention to Vulnerable Groups

CHA recognizes that women and children are the most vulnerable members of society and gives priority to these groups when identifying projects. Giving special attention to vulnerable group will promote social justice and equity in our society. This will further promote inclusion of vulnerable groups in mainstream society and contribute to the improvement of the human development indicators of Afghanistan, which are already poor and worsen as they are adjusted to take into account gender disparities within the country. By assisting those that need help the most, CHA will also increase its credibility in the communities.

3. Efficiency and Effectiveness

It is important to highlight credibility of the organization amongst all stakeholders including the target communities and funding and implementing partners. Adopting discrete measures that boost efficiency and effectiveness of CHA’s actions will raise its credibility. Effective and efficient utilization of resources will also be helpful in improving project outputs, allowing CHA to reach out to a larger number of beneficiaries thereby improving outreach and scale of work.

4.Transparency and Accountability

Being clear and accountable to all stakeholders, beneficiaries, partners, donors and government bodies, for every bit of contribution of resources will increase credibility and reliability as they come to know that CHA is properly allocating budgets, implementing projects, and using its resources. Transparency and accountability further reflect positively on CHA’s integrity to the communities living within its areas of operation, which will in turn breed more clarification and encourage collaboration. By doing so, CHA will further attract support of communities.

5.Gender Equity

This will promote a balanced and positive image of CHA. Efforts by CHA regarding elimination of gender-based violence and discrimination will be valued and its contribution towards promotion of social justice will be recognized. Communities have been witnessing various gender-based violence over years, and need cooperation of actors who shall help them decrease its incidence or stop it entirely. CHA’s active promotion of gender equity is likely to enhance its public image in Afghanistan.