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Project duration: Jan 01, 2014 – Dec 31, 2014

Partner : UNHCR

Geographical area:

Balkh,Sar-e-Pol,Faryab,Samanghan and Baghlan provinces.


Beneficiaries: 812 people

Objective: To assess and identify the PSNs (People with Specific Needs), and provide them with necessary assistance, including responding effectively to their protection needs and emergency requirement.

Achieved Results:

PSN projects for the northern provinces were donated by UNHCR. This project had 800 people as targeted beneficiaries who were among the Vulnerable Afghan Returnees and IDPs in the five northern provinces: (Samangan, Balkh, Jawzjan, Sar-i- Pul and Faryab).

During the last 12 months we have identified and verified 843 PSN cases; out of which 521cases were assisted through cash and in-kind assistance, and 245 cases were assisted through the PSN network members in all  of the northern provinces. All 766 assisted cases were followed up; and in the three stages of follow-up, the problems of 215 cases were fully addressed, and there cases were closed.