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Achieved Results:
The project operational plan was developed.
The community was mapped and data collected for a Hazard Vulnerable Capacity assessment (HVC), in 6 targeted communities.
Disaster management plans were developed, and 5 small mitigation projects were identified.


5 planned disaster mitigation micro-projects were implemented, with the close cooperation and coordination of the communities.
Reliable Early Warning Systems were developed and adopted, in the target communities, with the assistance of all the CDC members.
With the coordination of the CDCs and school teachers, a training plan on DRR issues were prepared, and the training materials were developed, taking into consideration the beneficiaries’ knowledge and understanding.
DRR related seminars (e.g. CBDRRM, first aid; search and rescue; flood, earthquake, early warning, evacuation, advocacy, climate change, and early warning systems) were conducted for 310 male and 160 female beneficiaries.
5 First aid kits, 5 search and rescue kits, and 5 early warning system kits were distributed to the 5 Village Disaster Committees, and 2 male and female schools.
Strong coordination and effective communications was maintained with the DKH and DoRR, local governmental authorities, CDC, VDC and project beneficiaries.