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The program initiated together by Oxfam Novib and CHA where the main focus is to contribute to long term peace in Afghanistan based on strengthened local civil society with active participation of both men and women. The program is implemented by CHA in Faryab province (Billcheragh and Gurzawan districts).


The program contributed to establish peace councils at the cluster level in Faryab. It was mostly focused on identifying the key activists, providing capacity and lobbying against available conflicts at the grassroots level. Provision of lessening, learning by doing, sharing experiences and thoughts are the main and common opportunities that people are doing under structural experiment in community level. Through provision of technical support and trainings, PC members received the capacity on how to organize and lead meetings, analysis and identification of the conflicts and jumping for solutions are the critical capacities that PCs perceived during the period.

Totally 619 different cases registered by the PCs and gets resolved. In addition, there are 146 cases registered and get resolved by women committees in Faryab. The cases are  different violence like husband with wife, mother with bride, child abuses, conflicts on Land issues, harvests, irrigation system, pastures, loan, streets, trees, agriculture activities, livestock, goods, marriages, loans, selection of CDCs representatives, walwar (groom paid for bride family) and different internal issues resolved so far.


Besides, Peace councils received the trainings on advocacy, basic management and good governance where 527 members of peace committees in which 122 female and 405 male participated. Changes have seen in the attitudes of peace councils by the end of the project.