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Afghan women face severe difficulties resulting from a wide range of social and economic factors.

CHA works with women in Faryab (Pashtoon Kot and Billcheragh districts) during the year 2014 where the main focus of the program was mobilization and sustainable livelihood to reduce economic vulnerability for rights holder. This project funded by Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and successfully implemented by CHA.

Women organized in cooperatives which totally 375 women organized in cooperatives under the structure of agriculture department in Faryab. Establishing cooperatives paved the way for women to share their thoughts and experiences. They did individually contribute to the program and perceived cooperative membership based on its manual. Registering cooperatives with Department of Agriculture is given the right for women to organize and work collectively under direct supervision of government.

Through establishing cooperatives, women got the opportunity trained well in poultry raising and received the capacity on how to manage poultry farming. Women received different capacity on basic management, micro finance, communication, gender, human rights and some other managerial trainings. Besides, women had benefit from literacy and numeracy lessons which were planned for them during the period. The program reduced compulsory marriage of daughters, widows, violence of men against women, unlimited vanity of men against women, wrong assumptions of Mullahs against attending of women in developmental activities, girls’ disenrollment and discouragement against education and etc.

Women perceived minimum linkages with farming management. Poultry farms established for women and the new technologies transferred where it increased women products and income generation activities.