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The difficult security situation in Afghanistan has had a serious impact on the education system. There has been a general shortage of teachers in the country coupled with limited infrastructure dedicated for education; challenges that are only augmented in the case of females in a society that supports early marriages of girls and is vehemently opposed to their education (United Nations Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF), 2011).

As a consequence of war a great part of the vital infrastructure and socio-economic systems of the country have been heavily damaged. The education system in Afghanistan is completely paralyzed. During the years of war the destruction of...

To lay the foundations for long-term strengthening of local governance, to make it more participatory, and to provide assistance for the reconstruction and development of communities.

 Under the new strategic plan, the following education related objectives have been identified:
• To increase the adult literacy levels in males and females;
• To improve the capacities of school teachers in teaching methodologies, teaching aids and curriculum;