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According to the European Commission, ‘gender mainstreaming is the integration of the gender perspective into every stage of policy processes – design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation – with a view to promoting equality between women and men. It means assessing how policies impact on the life and position of both women and men – and taking responsibility to re-address them if necessary’. Gender mainstreaming forms a critical part of the CHA identity and all of its projects recognize women as one of the most vulnerable groups in Afghanistan and therefore, prioritize their efforts towards them. Therefore, CHA has identified gender mainstreaming as a cross cutting theme across all of its program priorities in order to achieve gender equity within the country.

The following objectives for gender mainstreaming have been identified:
• To promote equity and social justice for men and women;
• To create a balance in participation and control of decision-making between men and women;and...

• To reduce gaps between men and women in accessibility to: health care services; educational facilities; raised income; skills and competencies enhancement; participation in decision making; and positive management of domestic violence.

A secure and developing Afghanistan in which both men and women have security, equality and opportunity in all areas of life. This should follow two main objectives:
• Inclusion of gender issues in all programs and projects of the CHA;

For realization of this vision, the gender department alongside with the other sectors and departments has undertaken the following activities:
• Conducting debate program in main office: Objective of the program is explaining of gender issue to the staff and to pass them up from gender blind which has been acted as a training school for each staff (Male and female) on gender issues.