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Agriculture contributed to approximately 23.0% of Afghanistan’s gross domestic product (GDP) USD 20.0 billion in 2014 (The World Bank, 2015). Of the country’s total area, approximately 12.0% is arable land with a further 46% under pastures (CSOA, 2015). The major crops grown are wheat with a production of 5.4 million tons, vegetables particularly potatoes and beets with a total production of 351,587 tons alongside various different fruits such as apple, pomegranates, apricots, mulberries, grapes and almonds and livestock (CSOA, 2015).

Under the new strategic plan, the following agriculture related objectives have been identified:
• To increase food security and reduce vulnerability through activities to ensure availability, access, stability and proper utilization of food items;

The project designed and running with close coordination of Governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders; after signature of MoU between RADP-S and Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock, provincial and district offices have been established in all target districts.

CHA implements activities to increase production, improve post-harvest processes including storage, and strengthen market linkages between wheat farmers and agribusinesses and between agribusinesses and final consumers. The program goal with regard to wheat production and its agribusiness is to improve technologies for wheat cultivation in areas where such production can be sustained and is cost-effective for local farmers.